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We are researching the problem of exotic and invasive animals being released into an ecosystem where they do not belong. Our project idea was inspired by the invasive python problem that Florida is having. Burmese pythons have been threatening the area for along time, but now that the African Rock python there is a larger problem. Organizations and scientists are afraid that this new snake will breed with the Burmese python and make a "Super Breed". When a non-native animal is released into the wrong ecosystem it can endanger the people, animals, and even vegetation. They can also bring new diseases, viruses and infections with them. Everything in the ecosystem can at danger. Invasive species have threatened almost everywhere in the United States. Most U.S. residents are not aware of these problems and get exotic animals to own as pets. Most of the time they realize that they cannot take care of them and let them go. We want to work on reducing these problems by bringing awareness to other about what damage invasive species can cause.